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Ecuador Craft Beer

Mills Brewing Co. began brewing beer from home in Cuenca in March of 2015. After a year, the brewery moved to a newly built brewery in Gualaquiza, Ecuador. You may have tasted our beer if you ever bought the tap beer sold at the Inca Lounge in Cuenca. Yes, that was Mills’ beer.

Today, Mills Brewing Co. owns and operates the brewery and brewpub in Gualaquiza, Ecuador, producing high quality American and European beers. Mills has licensed 7 different varieties of beer available and they are available in both bottles and kegs.

4 years brewing


7 kinds of beer


Mix and match different beers as you’d like.

Pricing does not include delivery.

1-5 beers $3/beer
6-11 beers $2.80/beer
12-23 beers $2.55/beer
24 or more $2.15/beer


5% ABV | Red | Unfiltered | 330ml

Beer which originated in England around the 17th century and exported to its military soldiers in “India”.

This beer is traditionally bitter and bursting with unique flavor and aromas from the large amount of hops used during the brewing process.


6.9% ABV | Red | Unfiltered | 330ml

Red beer which originated around the 17th century in the french speaking south eastern part of belgium.

Traditionally brewed in the winter and consumed in the summer months.

Hints of lemon spice aromas with a bit of sweetness.



5% ABV | Blonde | Unfiltered | 330ml

Blonde beer which originated around the 11th century in Bavaria, southern part of Germany.

Deep golden refreshing and clean tasting beer.

Brewed with light wheat and lighter colored malts.

Unique hints of banana and clove spice aromas.

Unfiltered, yet clear presentation after 2 months of conditioning.


5.5% ABV | Blonde | Unfiltered | 330ml

Blonde beer which originated in northern europe around the 14th century.

Lager beer named for the city of our brewery.

Unique aroma given directly from the yeast during fermentation.

Nut Brown Ale

5.5% ABV | Black | Unfiltered | 330ml

Dark brown beer which originated in england around the 17th century.

A balance of light and medium roasted malts which achieves a slightly nutty flavor in the beer.

Smooth, mild and easy drinking.

Oatmeal Stout

6.4% ABV | Black | Unfiltered | 330ml

Beer which originated in england around the 18th century from which the adding of “oats” to beer made beer healthier.

Very smooth and slightly sweet black beer.

Rich in flavor and aroma.

Imperial Stout

8% ABV | Black | Unfiltered | 330ml

Black beer style which originated in england around the 18th century and exported directly to the czar of russia.

Unique with roasted and chocolate flavor and aroma coming from the dark malts used in the brewing process.

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